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Ocean and sea creatures

Today's littleuns carried on with the tasty English tradition of Pancake day! They all Cut out their own pan and chose their own toppings to decorate it with! They then Incorpated some counting activities to understand the method of cooking pancakes, and now they really know how much of each ingredient they need! Well done kids! Jo was visited by a local church group today, and they got involved in the pancake theme, and they were flippin' great at it! Everybody had a great time taking on the challenge of turning the pancake by tossing it into the air. The oldest children today carried on looking at animals, but today they were diving into the ocean and looking all sorts of sea creatures. The class began by playing a nice game in the garden, where the children chose a card and we then behaved like that sea creature. I.e 'waddle like a penguin'! Next up the class all tuned into a piece of writing about Olly the Octopus; taking it in turns to read and helping each other to understand. Nice work! Last of all before heading home... singing! Everybody learned a catchy song about fish, and soon knew all of the actions.

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