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Tissue paper mask

Today class 1 roamed around the garden, planting a new batch of lettuce and plucking themselves a luscious bunch of English greens to take home. The teachers were proud to share that certain little ones finally got over their fears to enter the chicken coop for feeding time, and they also loved feeing our 1 day old baby goat, cookie. Speaking of which, the team then headed to the kitchen up some edible cookies of their own, which looked so yummy! Before heading home, all of the children made their own colourful felt and tissue paper mask to wear for the carnival this weekend! See you there! The oldest class of the day carried on the theme of animals, but took a closer look by reading, feeling and talking about their different coats and body parts. The children then put different animal images into categories, based on whether they have scales, furr or feathers! Marta loved the feeling of the furr and Marco did so well at organising them. After a twirl around the farm; visiting the baby goat, collecting Swiss Chard, they each wrote to say what was their favourite reptile, mammal and bird, all did this activity well and those who finished quickly put their drawing skills into a picture of their all time favourite animal!

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