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Facial features

today class 2 started learning some body vocabulary. We labelled a picture of body parts and we counted how many of each body part we had, 2 eyes, 10 toes etc etc. Everyone did really well. Especially Bianca and Marc. Then using some funny face cut outs we created our own silly faces and named each part, eyes, nose, mouth! In the garden they had to go and find beautiful cauliflowers and fed the leafs to the sheep as goats. Mar knew exactly where to go however Pau found the biggest one!

Today class 1 focused on facial features and we cut and sticked a face together and coloured it with pens. Everyone made a unique face and described it to me. After we picked beautiful cauliflowers in the garden. Xenia was good at finding the biggest cauliflower. Cassie was focused while I read a story and helped me guess the colours and numbers. Everyone loved meeting the new baby goat.

Class 3 o moved onto the topic of animals today... They all arrived in their normal energetic way, and started a memory matching game of different animals. They then each shared something they knew about the animal. In the garden, everybody had a go at heaving a gigantic cauliflower fro