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The 5 senses

Today Class 1 started to look at the body and the 5 senses. The children began by cutting up different features of the face and sticking them in the right place! Naiara knew exactly where everything went, and repeated the words well. Afterwards they all made a little booklet, filled with word traces of the senses and different images! In the kitchen; following on from yesterdays Valentines day, they all made heart shaped chocolate cookies; they were delicious!! The oldest class of the day moved onto the topic of animals! They all arrived in their normal energetic way, and started a memory matching game of different animals... they then each shared something they knew about the animal. In the garden, everybody had a go at heaving a gigantic cauliflower from the ground, and then took all of the spare leaves the goats, sheep, and donkeys. Back in the classroom, the children all worked through a sheet to check they know the names of all the animals on the farm and, before heading home, they listened carefully to descriptions and tried their best to guess the animal. Lots of fun was had today!

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