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Today Class 1 forced on the theme of under the sea. The class worked independently creating beautiful turtles. The kids were amazing at picking their shells out of sand and carefully washing them before covering them in glitter and sticking their bodies on. Guillem was gentle with the donkey and fed he well while Marc was great at finding the eggs. Well done to Xenia for being possitive and very creative with her fish making. Everyone was very hardworking and focused throughout the activities.

Today class 2 learnt about different types of winter weather! They looked at Snow, rain and wind. The gang created creative winter forecast booklets, by putting together some collages, using cotton wool for snow and the clouds, selecting blue paper to represent the rain! Mar, Maria, Bianca and Pau all worked really hard on their booklets and really focused on writing the correct English vocabulary.

All of the children in class 3 went on a adventure through the farm looking at the trees , sharing the things they noticed of each unique trees branches and leaves. The whole team showed how much good vocabulary they had learnt through a class room discussion with questions.

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