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Digging for potatoes

The rain has stopped and today the sun shone down on Casa Nostra! Class one today had a great time digging for potatoes in the garden, it's like finding treasure when you find one! They all did a great job helping to feed the donkeys, ponies and goats they even found some eggs laid by the chickens! Tortilla for dinner tonight! Class two created some wonderful weather forecast collages, depicting rain and snowy weather! Gina and Banu got really creative! In the kitchen the little chefs made some yummy muffins then visited the garden to pick some healthy green spinach to take home! Class three went on a hunt to identify different tree types on the farm and their unique trunks, branches and leaves! Jan did a great job of recognising these things. They were all well engaged when they got back to the classroom to complete their worksheet! They all proved to their teacher Gabrielle that they can now understand how a plant grows! Good work guys!

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