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Roots, stem and leaves

Class 1 revisited kids songs helping to learn numbers and parts of the body. Then a lot of coloring to define colors and winter clothes.

Then we fed the animals and finished with cooking cheese bread sticks.

Everybody was really participative and seemed to enjoyed their own creation.

Class 2 made winter paper dolls, cut up different winter clothes and dressed the paper doll with them! And then labelled each piece of clothing with the correct English name! Pau, Mar and Maria did brilliantly with labelling the items of clothing independently. We made cheesy garlic bread sticks and picked potatoes!

Class 3 spent some time revisiting the theme of plants... everybody sang together a song we learnt the previous week, all about the functions of the roots, stem and leaves in a plant. The kids then put together a lovely picture of a flower on the wall; working together to match the writing with the image. Elba and Nuria were equally enthusiastic to help out, and showed that they fully understand. And finally, all of the class got mucky with paint, to create a colorful fact sheet, that they wrote themselves. Marc really impressed with his nest handwriting and concentration. Good job!

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