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Cheese bread

Today was so cold outside, so we tried to be in the classrooms and do lots of indoor activities.

Class one started the day by coloring in activities, they learnt more words about winter clothes. They read a story and sang a song. Had a quick visit in the garden and picked potatoes, they had cheese bread as snack.

Class two made winter paper dolls (cut up different winter clothes and dresses the paper doll with them), and then labeled each piece of clothing with the correct English name. Txell, Aneu and clara did brilliantly with labeling the items of clothing independently. They made cheesy garlic bread sticks and picked potatoes.

Class three spent some time to revisiting the theme of plants…they put together a lovely picture of a flower on the wall, working together to match the writing with the image. Laura really get involved and showed really understanding. They all did rally well as we worked through worksheet. Alan was super on the ball and could remember all part of plants.

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