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Winter clothes

Our Tuesday classes were all raring to go this evening even with this bitterly cold weather! Class one and class two have been learning about the different types of clothing that you should be wearing in the winter to keep yourself warm! Lots of important vocabulary learned tonight like hat, scarf, gloves, jacket. Class two were very good at labelling the correct pieces of clothing, Banu, Aran and Emma finished their work super quick! Clever girls! In baking today class one made some delicious chocolate bread and in class two they made some traditional English jam tarts! Today class three worked together to create a labelled image of a plant; matching the writing to the name/Image and making nice decoration for the class wall! Cata was particularly helpful with the sticking and could notice when a mistake had been made. Jan tried his best as we noted what words we had learnt during the day, and searched for them in the dictionary. Well done everyone! Stay warm tonight!

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