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Snowman cupcakes

Class 1 today focused on the animals which helped them to open up.

They all loved it and particularly Xania who kept a smile on her face from the moment she fed the donkey.

They all harvest the potatoes with their own hands and they loved it.

Alex in particularly has he found a good way to do so.

Then they learnt winter clothes vocabulary and defined colors through coloring activities.

Class 2 spent a lot of time baking and learning the names of all the ingredients to make a snowman cupcakes.

Everybody enjoyed the foraging in the earth to find the biggest potatoes they could.

Class 3 identified the parts of plant with a painting of a flower, all did well and were keen to spell the parts correctly.

They reads threw a bunch of interesting facts about plants; Aleix helped his friends to understand what they meant.

They listed 3 new words that were learnt today. The class all remembered 'roots, stem and leaves'.

To round up everyone learnt a catchy song about all the functions within a plant!

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