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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Casa Nostra! Today we celebrated Gina's fourth birthday by heading to the beach. Sand castles, writing in the sand and casting magic spells for big waves were all on the menu. Class 1 celebrated new year in style- creating a large banner for the whole school to pose behind on the beach. Gina. Marta, Lara and Carla used really colourful pens and pencils to decorate it. Elga impressed the teacher by climbing the climbing wall on her own. Pau and Alvaro played very well together today. Class 3's favourite animal to feed and pet are the horses so they spent lots of time giving them love before the new year. The whole class made fortune tellers and even collaborated to make a giant one. Maria was a star and kept good spirits and talked loads in English with the teacher. Alba spent the day with the older class. Watered some plant. Class 2 learnt all about winter clothing. Biel finished his work super quick. Pau was great with Gina and was great at reading out loud to the class. They all picked a lemon from the tree and everyone drew it- Sofia's was the best - apart from teacher Jo's. Happy New Year from Casa Nostra!

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