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Saturday Christmas Performance

We had last Saturday of 2016 in Casa Nostra, it was so much fun and very different with the other ones. We had our Christmas Performance in front of parents and I think everybody enjoyed it a lot.

Class 1 shone bright like stars and twinkled like professionals in the first Christmas show so their parents can see how amazing they are. Arnau, Sofia, guillem, Àdria, lluc, Daniel and Toni all impressed Antonia with their bravery on stage and amazing star costumes. Antonia wishes them all a “Merry Christmas!!”And looks forward to seeing them all next year.

Class 2 first has had fun around the farm as usual, they had some activities like backing, visiting and feeding animals and picking the potatoes. After those activities like the rest of groups had their performance in front of parents. They prepared a dance with the song “rocking around the Christmas tree” and they enjoyed it a lot, I think all the parents enjoyed it as well.

Class 3 drew a big picture of a Christmas tree to decorate the classroom with, and they filled it with as many words they could think of in English that are associated with Christmas. Alba was great during this, and was willing to write any words she didn’t know, just with a little spelling help. They rehearsed for the play, singing song and try to get joke pronunciation right. They were so good in the show. They made Cinnamon and ginger biscuits.

See you all next year.

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