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Cinnamon biscuits

Crunch time rehearsals with class 1 as they concentrated hard on finalising the Twinkle Twinkle dance moves, their chosen song for the Christmas show next week! Pau had a skilled hand as he wrote the words "Christmas" and "gift". Also in the artistic good books, Noses, who made the best gold stars for her costume. The teacher has noticed that young Bernat is becoming more and more confident with his class mates every week, which is wonderful to see. And lastly, everyone did well as they made a tasty treat of cinnamon biscuits to take home! The oldest farmers of the school had a wonderful class today. Everybody was very engaged and willing to learn. And, as the christmas theme continues, the biscuits gets spicier! Today, the children all sculpted their own gingerbread men; using raisons as buttons! I couldn't name the gifted chef of the day, everyone did well! Though, back in the classroom as we rehearsed the pronounciation of our Christmas jokes, Marco and Genis pronounced theirs perfectly, and Darek did a grand job of helping his classmates get it right! During the first rehearsal of the Christmas song, Emma, Marta and Oriol proved to be the pop stars of the show; keeping up with the actions and singing simultaneously... nice work!

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