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Planting strawberries

It's all hands on deck as we've started the important rehearsals for next weeks big Christmas show. Class 1 shined bright like diamonds and shone like stars as they spent the class rehearsing for their big showbiz premier. We can't wait to twinkle, dazzle and rock the show. Alex was really involved today, helping her dad plant strawberries and making everyone laugh in her mini rocking chair. Class 2 got busy making Christmas cards and pizza dough - and of course sleighing on the dance floor to the jingle bell rock. Emma was star of the show at dancing and singing. Banu is clearly an artist in training making the most creative Christmas card. Today class 3 worked on their pronounciation for the christmas show; tackling different vowel sounds that can be a challenge in English! Cata focused well as the class rehearsed the song; remembering the actions on her own, too! All of the class loved meeting the rabbits for the first time, and were extra careful to keep them safe within the pen. During our baking session, Pau enjoyed the seasonal scent of ginger and cinnamon combined and help to add ingredients to the mix.

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