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Christmas Jokes

Today was a warm day, that’s why we all enjoyed the outdoor activities.

Group 1 made very nice Christmas cards and Ian was really artistic with the card he made. They all learnt to write Merry Christmas on their cards and they did it so good. They met the new rabbits and they loved them and Sofia was so excited about the new rabbits. They practiced their Christmas song and they are ready to it in front of the parents.

Group 2 colored in Christmas decoration and stuck on the tree. They practiced their Christmas song. They visited the rabbits and got into their cage one by one and touched them gently and nice. They picked leeks and planted lettuce. Today Berta was brilliant in garden and helped the teacher a lot.

Group 3 was busy by making their crackers and preparing their jocks. They had the rehearsal of their performance, first they did it in their classroom and later in front of everybody, Paula was really good by learning new actions. Gina was good at the chickens and fed them well. David was so nice to the new rabbits.

Today last 30 minutes we all joined together and watched the other groups performances and we all enjoyed it a lot, we can’t wait to see all parents in the farm.

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