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Otis the Owl

The wintery sunlight hours doesn't stop us from exploring around Casa Nostra farm... Firstly, Glitter glitter and more glitter! Class 1 made leaf bunting as this weeks autumnal theme is leaves. Bernat concentrated really hard on colouring in and Carla made the most colourful bunting in the class. Well done little artists! Oriol's English is making obvious improvements and he's even started to share his tuneful vocals... in English! Pau was a ball of Autumn energy today which he channelled into making the best chocolate dough balls of them all. In class 2, Marc made an impressive attempt to work through the passage about 'Otis the Owl' and did well in pronouncing the vowels within words. Ory also did very well during this activity, demonstrating his keeness, as ever, to be a top student! Thoroughout our garden roaming, Emma was the young farmer of the day... helping others to collect celery and plant lettuce. She also made the bold decision to go in amongst the goats and sheep; she soon realised that they're all complete softies!

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