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Leaf bunting

On the eve of the majestic super moon everyone arrived on the farm ready for some good ole foliage fun! Class one were inspired by the falling leaves and made leaf bunting. Noa really impressed Antonia with her counting and using the word "more". Aran and Gina are teachers helpers and are always mature and engaged. The class is clearly improving their English every week. Hugo concentrated amazingly and Joan made incredible bunting. The "Best Bunting Award" goes to Noah and his mum. Class two scavenged around the farm grounds for some materials to create nature bracelets! They found leaves, flowers and twigs. All the girls did a wonderful job and made them look so pretty! Everyone in class 3 gave a really good attempt at reading the extract all about owls; and worked together in scoring full marks when answering questions afterwards. Excellent! The whole class made their own owl mascots using a pinecone, leaves and sticks which were collected from the garden, each owl had it's own character... Carta worked very patiently with the craft, and created the funkiest owl of them all. When the lessons were over everyone wandered out into the farm and got to witness the natural phenomenon of the super moon! Wow!

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