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Autumn foliage

We've been wrapping up warm this week at Casa Nostra. Everyone has been raving about amazing autumn. Learning the different colours of the trees, and chatting about the changing season. Class 1 were helping the goats keep warm, feeding the goats as much stew as they could and getting up close and personal with blanket the sheep. Xenia and Nicasi were very respectful and brace with the animals. Teacher Antonia asked the class to collect as many different colour leaves as possible for our autumn collage and Luca, Mark, Gael, Alex and Quim worked together to create the worlds largest leaf pile (maybe). Class 2 were learning all about leaves. Creating their own spectacular autumn foliage complete with complimentary glitter, because why not? Mark and Maria made fabulous leaves and sang along the loudest to the class song "Autumn Leaves are falling". Class 3 had to use all their autumn explorer skills to complete their autumn scavenger hunt. Teacher Egle tasked them to find confers, leaves and feathers. As you can tell we love Autumn here at Casa Nostra- especially the English teachers who are all still amazed at how warm it is. Our friends in England tell us it's raining there, as always!

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