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Scavenger hunting mission

Even though the days are shorter and evenings are getting colder and darker, today it didn't feel so at Casa Nostra! We welcomed the children for another fun filled afternoon which started by visiting the goats and sheeps, feeding them and admiring their soft fur.

Later Egle's group went to the class where they all were presented with a scavenger hunting mission. Children divided themselves into 3 groups and without further ado commenced the adventure around the farm. All 3 groups took it very seriously and it was a true competition! Everyone done super well but the girls group triumphed with a whopping 16 items on the checklist. Wow, the teacher was beyond impressed! Unfortunately the hunt had to end eventually but we sure have to repeat it soon as the children had a blast! In the kitchen they all made their favourite chocolate cookies, Darek shaping double digit (we lost count after 12).

The whole Antonia's class created a giant autumn collage using all the colourful fallen leaves and autumn colours that stretched across the entire class floor. Pau loved drawing leaves and Ori drew flowers and the sun. Bernstein was much more confident today which made the teacher Antonia very proud. In the kitchen they made delicious chocolate bread which turned out so delicious! All of the children loved to stroke baby goats and take good care of the animals. Wonderful.

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