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Autumn word collage

We welcomed our Casa Nostra pupils back on Granja Escola with a chill in the air! Autumn is definitely in full swing here in Mataró! Class 1 wore their comfiest coats to celebrate autumn. They gathered the falling leaves to make a massive class autumn word collage. Jan and Noa were fantastic at colouring in the word autumn in very autumnal colours. Alex was amazing with the chickens and Joan and Adam loved stroking the goats. Class newbie Noah got really involved and impressed the teacher on his first day. Class 2 were learning to say and write important vocabulary words like Autumn and Leaves! Jana showed off her excellent writing skills, whilst Emma and Aran showed off their clear speaking skills! They all got to make their own autumn leaves which they used as props whilst singing 'Autumn leaves are falling' song. All the girls dance and sing their hearts out! Class 3 did an exciting scavenger hunt and everyone was amazing at it, but Pau won! As he found the most items including a huge spiderweb!! They also completed worksheets about animals, Cata was top of the class at naming all the correct animals! Later they sang Ivis the fox which they enjoyed so much. But well done to Jan who made they most original looking cookie in baking class! Good work guys! See you all again next week!!

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