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Today at farm school it was feeling very autumnal! The nights are getting darker, earlier which means all classes spent the first hour of the day running around outside in the garden, picking and planting English greens, getting rides off Perla our donkey and going into the chicken coop hunting for eggs! Sweet pizza dough was on the menu today in the baking class! Class 3 did a great job of making their dough into fabulous plaits! In class one Maria was very good at matching the labelled drawing of various nature with the real things! For example, pine cones, leaves and flowers. The class were all engaged and enjoyed feeling the different textures. Valentina was super focused during every activity; particularly printing with leaves and pine cones Gael was the top farmer of the day; asking for more water very well; making sure all the plants had a good drink! In class 2 they all started to learn lots of new vocabulary relating to all things autumn! Bianca and Mar completed all their worksheets super fast. Marc and Jan focused on making sure that their colouring in was on point and Teo enjoyed sitting down and reading the garden book! They all played a fun memory card game at the end of the day! The girls definitely beat the boys! ;)

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