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Halloween might be over but the fun never ends here at the farm of Casa Nostra. Teachers Egle and Gabriele were so happy to welcome all the children back to the farm school and share the stories about the spooky Halloween night's fun and frolics.

Egle's class was still in such a festive mood that they decided to start preparing for the upcoming biggest celebration of the year and made a start on writing the script for their Christmas play. They all worked so well deciding who is going to play which part and the teacher was were happy with the result. In the kitchen, they made most elaborated creations with the sweet pizza recipe. It was almost a competition of who makes the most original one and everyone succeeded, making the teacher very proud. In the garden children picked the beautifully grown English greens they planted just weeks ago and got to bring them back home to put on the dinner table.

In Gabriele's class everyone made gorgeous sparkling fish. Pau did excellent impressions of all the sea creatures as they read 'commotion in the ocean', his crab was particularly good! In the farm they found 10 eggs in the chicken coop; Carla counted them all without any help. Bernat was a lovely part of the group; always listening intently to the teacher and Oriol was super smiley and polite all the time.

Well done boys and girls, you are all amazing! We look forward to see you next time. Until then!

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