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Halloween at the farm

What a magical day we've had at the farm! A swarm of witches and blood thirsty children filed through the gates this morning, and stuck with us for a full day of ghoulish antics and freaky fun... Class 1's creativity was on point today: Marc and Nicasi did a fantastic job of the colouring in. Quim and Blau also worked hard with their dot-to-dot bat drawings, and to follow up they painted a lovely night sky for their bats to spread their wings! Throughout the day Danielle was very confidently chatting away, sharing many of the halloween words that she knew already! Super impressive, Danielle! And finally, the whole squad had a great time decorating their own witches hats and gobbling the wrinkly witches fingers that we baked during the afternoon! The children of class 2 made wonderful little pom pom spiders; everyone proved their resillience despite the fiddliness of the craft! After Lunch, the whole team were let loose to rummage through the garden, to see if they could spy any ghoustly figures of the halloween variety... Anieu was pretty succesful in her quest! In the classroom, everyone had a go at trying to put the missing witch's hat on the painting (blindfolded... did I mention!) Marc was so nearly on target! In class 3, Pol seems to have a growing connection with the chickens; he handled them so gently we were all impressed! Next up, the teacher shared that Agate was a nice contribuation to the whole day; interacting confidenty and absolutely aceing the blindfolded 'pin the hat on the witch' contest. In the kitchen Phillipe was particularly tuned into the mathemetical side of the cooking, and sharing his skills with others to grasp, also. Last but not least, Lucia made a special effort to incoporate all of her fellow classmates; always making sure her friends were keeping up and staying involved!

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