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Halloween book

What a wonderful day we had in Casa Nostra today.

In class 1 Arnau was really good at saying the Halloween words. Sofia made a really nice collage. Lila was brilliant by writing her name on all her works before asking. And everybody enjoyed a lot reading the Chicken Halloween book next to the chickens in the farm.

In class 2 Aina was very fast to complete all the tasks. Txell and Aneu were really good at coloring in activities. Jan was making everyone laugh. Carla made the best witch’s finger, she also rode Perla.

In class 3 Alba made the best web. Gina made a really nice spider. Laura was the new student and she had good English. Pau and Laura were good at reading the Halloween book. Alan was really nice with animals and helped in kitchen. They all rode Perla as well.

Hope you enjoyed a lot and see you all soon.

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