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Creepy Crawlies

Spooky things have started happening at Casa Nostra, things going bump in the night. Ghouls and ghosts have been walking around the farm and skeletons have been popping out of closets. It's Halloween week!! Class 1 made Halloween word collages and Gael and Quim concentrated really hard on theirs putting lots of ghoulish glitter on their pumpkins. Maria and Alex could say the most English Halloween words. And Mark gets a gold star for knowing that Dracula was a Vampire. Valentina was great at baking her dough zombie fingers. In class 2 Bianca excelled in the baking. Made super life like witches fingers! Quite creepy. Marc was first to come forward singing itsy bitsy spider and did a great job with the actions to the song. Teo is getting more confident saying English words and they all made a fantastic effort making their pumpkin Halloween word booklets! But most importantly teacher jo kept her cool amongst all the scary little monsters. Class 3 silently worked away at their creepy crawlies - Aleix's spider web was so neatly crafted it impressed even spiders themselves; as was Chloe's who put in a lot of effort. Alejandro read the passage about Halloween confidently and with good English, he's making lots of progress. Aina did an amazing job of motivating Perla to do a good few laps so the rest of the class could ride her, her new nickname is the horse whisperer.

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