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Old Macdonald's farm

It's a zoo here! Casa Nostra opened its gates to a world of animals this week, big and small. We learnt about crocodiles, cows and cats! Class 2 carried on learning all about Old Macdonald's farm, making their very own farms to take home. Mar's farm was amazing and full of colourful detail. Jan and Bianca knew all the words to the memorable song and Tao coloured in so neatly that teacher Jo thinks he should be an artist. Class 1 was full of little monkeys today, getting snapped up one by one by Mr. Crocodile. Gael impressed the teacher with his own crocodile making skills. Quim put lots of effort and attention into making his lollipop crocodile as well. Alex coloured in the most wonderful crocodile. And our resident mini-beast trainer Luca was star of the class finding a beetle and knowing the names of all the animals. Class 3 were top of the animal pack and on their way to becoming official zoo keepers. Marc was the superhero in collecting all the rogue chickens. Nuria finished the comprehension about hedgehogs first and with full marks! Well done Nuria! Closely followed by Chloe and Elba. And excitingly everyone received their roles to begin learning for the xmas show :)

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