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Crocodile themed week

Today Antonia's class are concentrating on a crocodile themed week! Jan was amazing at planting cauliflower, both Noa and Jan were fantastic at saying "water please" and Noa was starting to sing the chicken song on her own. Daniella was new today but impressed the teacher by feeding the chickens and watering the pumpkins. Hugo made a brilliant biscuit and Alex is star of the class with the animals. But big shout out to the mums and dads of the class because they were great at making the crafty crocodiles. Jo introduced Old MacDonald's Farm song to the girls of her class. Emma was fabulous and knew all the words and sang at the top of her voice! They all created their own pop up farm and identified all the animals correctly! Banu took extra care at finishing her farm and wouldn't leave the class until it was done, even when it was time to go home! In class three with Egle, Pau was very good at the comprehension exercise about hedgehog harry. Cata was like a pro at riding Perla. Perla was even galloping! Jan and Hugo were like professional gardeners at planting cauliflower and Ariadna won the bake off with nicest flapjack. The entire class were brilliant at singing and clapping to the rhythm!

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