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Fluffly sheep

A well needed day of sun had the Saturday schoolers arrive in high spirits this morning, starting with the youngsters of class 1... With the continued animal theme, the childen began the day getting colourful and sticky in the makings of their own fluffy sheep. Which Toni very much enjoyed, kindly wrapping his sheep in enough wool to stay cosey throughout the weathers changes! Little Guillem entered the class shining today; ready to visit all of his favourite furry creatures and treat them to their breakfast. Following on from this, the team got back to their sticky business in the kitchen - cooking up sweet pizza dough and all making a sterling effort to bake a chocolatey delight to take home! Over in Class 2, Txell and Àneu were super good at identifying all the fruits and vegetables as they all explored the sunlit garden. This group also did well in the kitchen with their own sweet pizza dough, though Carla and Estrella were today's particularly gifted chefs! Back in the classroom the children unleashed their creativity in making their own pop-up farmyard, filled with various animals. They all had a good laugh as they sang 'Old Macdonald Had A farm' and convincingly played the roles of each animal as they entered their new home-made barn. Finally, the group entered back into human mode, by listening intently as the teacher read 'Brown brown bear', just before they all went home. Last of all, the older farmers spent some time keeping Perla company; who in return let Alba have a slow and bumpety ride on her back. They also took a closer inspection at a slimey worm and some plants under a micoscope; noticing and making interesting observations of them both. In the garden all of the class planted several cauliflowers, which we will all be delighted to gobble once they've grown! The teacher shared that all of the boys, especially Alan, were nicely tuned in to the adventures of the day. All in all, it's been a cheery day of exploration and creation at all corners of Casa Nostra farm!

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