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Barnyard animals in the world

It was raining cats, dogs and farm animals at Casa Nostra this Thursday, but like our own Noah's Ark, the children came in two by two to learn English and shelter from the weather. Whatever the weather Casa Nostra continued on our farm quest to learn all the barnyard animals in the world (nearly). Class 1 learnt all about sheep. We made our own cotton wool sheep- with Marc Sierra making an especially fluffy lamb. Nicasi was very good at repeating the English words and Quim impressed the teacher by helping his fellow students. Everyone sang along to Sheep themed classics such as "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "Mary had a little Lamb" and "Little Bo Peep". Everyone in class sang Baaaa-rilliantly. (Teacher sheep jokes) Class Two are turning into world class farmers with their animal knowledge. Bianca is giving Old Macdonald a run for his money with her amazing English skills. Marc put in a lot of effort today, identifying the names of all the farm animals. Teo and Quim made a big effort on their dog and duck masks. Then roamed around the classroom quacking and barking. Bianca and Mar were super good at putting the farm fact jigsaw together. Everyone read the big farm book and made the loudest farm animal noises they could. Class Three are cream of the farm crop. Aleix was a lovely contribution to the group today, he made a good effort to speak only in English which impressed the Casa Nostra teachers. Chloe sang along with all her might to the class song, and did well at understanding the jokes they read. And last but never least Alba loved riding Perla, because you can't have a farm animal theme without riding a donkey! English people love talking about the weather and we're used to rain so all the teachers felt at home this week! Thursday was great and definitely not a wash out.

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