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Animal Flash cards

Old Macdonald wrote a blog, Ee Ei Ee Ei ohhh. And on this blog he wrote all about the fabulous Casa Nostra students and their love for farm animals. Class 1 focused on learning all about cows and classic barnyard animals. We matched the animal flash cards to their name and everyone shouted "chicken!". Gael and Maria were very good at the English names and Nicasi was top of the class for knowing the animal Rabbit. Quim was an enthusiastic chef mixing the chocolate brownies. Class 2 were using their writing skills to write out the names of all the animals they could see at Casa Nostra. Bianca was brilliant at naming all the farm animals. Jan was amazing at colouring in Teacher Jo said that he concentrated very hard on making it perfect. Class 3 were top of the farm animal herd. They tried to solve the age old rivalry of girls vs boys. With each team listening to "Old Macdonald" and putting the lyrics in order. Boys won this round but the girls are excited for a farm rematch next week. Top of the class was Aleix. The rain hasn't dampened our spirits, because we've got brownies, new friends and the best English skills in town.

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