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Chocolate brownie

Another lovely day at the farm and we are so excited to teach you about the animals that live here!

Both groups were learning the names of farm animals and matching their names to their pictures.

In group 2 Genis and Mark were very good at guessing and remembering animal names. Also Emma was fantastic at deciding where each animal lived. Then the group went to the garden where they planted onions, picked some goodies for their homes, watered peppers and observed the rest of the vegetables that have grown so much over the last weeks!! Marc picked the biggest aubergine of all! After that they all went to the farm to feed the animals. Emma and Genis rode Perla and Uriol collected all the eggs from the chicken house, 14 in total!!! The group made delicious chocolate brownie for snack.

Pau in group 1 has made a very original cow mask from cut out paper shapes and paper plate which turn out wonderful. He sang old McDonald song to it and the teacher Antonia was very proud. In the garden he planted onions. He has also made chocolate brownie and his all time favourite -pizza (which by now he has mastered to perfection!) Yummy - sounds just like our perfect dinner!

Stay tuned for the next update, see you then!

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