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Farm Animals

We welcomed back our Casa Nostra pupils today introducing our new theme, farm animals! The children will be getting to know all about the livestock we have here at Granja Escola! In class one today, they were learning all about the bovine species 'the cow' which we will be expecting on the farm any day now! They also got crafty and made their own cow masks from paper plates and scrap paper! Aran and Erics mask efforts were top of the class! Siblings Ainoah and Jan surprised their grandparents today with their polite English manners, using please and thank you whilst taking to their teacher Antonia. They were so impressed! Class two learnt the names of a variety of different animals that you would find on a farm, and correctly wrote the names next to the correct picture. Emma, Banu and Bruna even preformed to the rest of the class what sound each animal made! Class three learnt a lot of different animal vocabulary today, and completed worksheets matching images to words which Adriana and Hugo excelled at! They also used the lyrics from 'Old Macdonald had a farm' to create their own music book and then sang it beautifully to their teacher Egle at the end of the day! Our farm school kitchen was also very busy with budding little bakers who rustled up some delicious chocolate brownies that no one could resist! Yum!! See you all next week!

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