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Hungry caterpillar zig zag books

Thursday here on the Farm we carried on exploring all the fruits and vegetables that the farm has to offer. Antonia took class one on an expedition around the grounds, checking off all the fruits and vegetables they could find and ticked them off the list! Luca was exceptionally good today at reading and writing and identifying all the different types! In class two, Jan, Marc, Mar and Bianca all finished off their hungry caterpillar zigzag books and successfully wrote down numbers and names of 5 different fruits! They finished the day jumping around and singing the song 'head, shoulders, knees and toes'! Class three learnt all about the edible roots of vegetables and then they all discussed as a class what their favourite vegetables were! Elba was very good at articulating herself during the discussion which really impressed her teachers! Everyone took home some delicious chocolate chip cookies that they had all baked with lots of effort and plenty of love! Well done everyone. See you all next week!

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