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Farm explorers

This is Week #3 of vegetables and fruits here at Casa Nostra and everyone is becoming excellent at knowing everything in and around the garden. Today was especially beautiful so we spent the most time outside to enjoy it.

Group 1 became farm explorers, making the list of all the fruits and vegetables they could find all around. Uriol and Pau were best at spelling "mushroom" and "pepper" all by themselves. Back in class they made some creative arts with apple stamps. They also made amazing, finger-licking chocolate biscuits and went to the farm to feed the chickens where they found that Valentin, the donkey, has escaped!

Group 2 have started the day by solving vegetable and fruit riddles and Derek was wonderful at guessing which was which. They then went to the chicken house to collect some eggs to make their favourite chocolate chip cookies. After the baking they all went to plant onions and observed how much potatoes, lettuce and Swiss chard has grown over the last weeks, incredible!! They also explored the fruit trees and Oriol was fantastic at putting the names to them. They finished the day by singing, dancing and filling missing gaps in the lyrics of Jason Mraz song. Emma and Marco were brilliant at this activity.

That's it from us today and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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