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Word search activity

This week we have been continuing vegetable theme at Granja Escola Casa Nostra as we were learning, eating, playing and singing about these delicious nature´s treats!

Group 1 have been playing with lots of colours today. They did a colouring in activity where they had to colour different vegetables in their proper colours. After the class they went to the farm to feed all the animals. When animals were fed, it was time to water the vegetable garden and plant more English Greens. Pau was very good at gardening as he watered all the plants himself! After that it was cooking time so they made delicious pizza today which they brought back home to share with their parents. Back in the class, they did another activity where they had to match each vegetable to their color. Uriol mastered this activity as he got every colour right! Teacher Antonia was very proud!

Group 2 have also been continuing with the vegetable theme. They started the class by recalling all the names of the vegetables they have learned last week. They then did a word search activity where they had to find the hidden vegetable names. It was quite hard but Genis and Marco were brilliant at it and the teacher was very impressed. After classroom activity, they all went to the kitchen for sweet baking. Emma and Uriol were very good at making the flapjack (-even though it burned a little bit it was still very yummy)! After baking they went to the garden where they showed off their teamwork abilities: planting English greens and watering all the aubergines, pepers and pumkins... such a lovely bunch of greenfingers! After they visited the animal farm and collected full basket of eggs. After they all got to ride Perla. Back in class they learned a new song about vegetables and they all happily sang along before packing up for the day...

This is it for now but please check back soon for more! See you then

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