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Vegetable week

Summer is gone and we are all more than ready in Casa Nostra to have a nice course.

Today was our first day and everyone has done a great job. The first class after greeting and knowing each other started to do lots of activities with potato theme. They planned some potatoes in the vegetable garden. Then they sang the song “one potato, two potatoes”. They played a game and learned how to count till ten. Later on they backed sweet pizza dough, when they went back to the classroom they read stories and made their own stamps with potatoes. They went to the animals and fed the chickens and donkeys. When they went back to the classroom they colored in some fruits, and they had the snack that made for themselves.

In the classroom two, they colored lots of vegetables and fruits and they learned how to pronounce them. Then they went to the vegetable garden and planned the potatoes and picked peppers. They went back to the classroom and tried to categorize the vegetables and fruits that they learned them already, just like a game they had to decide which category each fruit or vegetable goes to. They made short bread for the snack, moreover they rode “Perla” when they visited the animals. They sang the song “one potato, two potatoes”.

In the classroom three, they had a nice warm up to introduce themselves for each other and after that they started a hard work of learning the name of different vegetables and fruits. They went to the vegetable garden to water all the plants and also planned some potatoes. When they came back to the classroom they had a learning activity by matching the photos of vegetables and fruits with their names. They visited the animals and fed them. They backed sweet pizza dough for the snack.

The first day was really enjoyable, we can’t wait to see you all next week.

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