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Choco robo tastic!!

Another wonderful day has gone at the Casa Nostra, packed with fun, laughter and robotic creatures. The sun was scorching all day so all the children have been enjoying the fun in the water among other things...

The little ones in the group 1 have continued working on their shape learning adventure. They started off by making a giant robot out of soft play shapes. Then they painted a giant robot body on a big poster and made a collage from shiny tin foil pieces, wow! In the afternoon they used the poster to play a super fun game called pin the antenna, where they had to stick the antenna for the robot while being quite dizzy and blindfolded. Everyone laughed and even the big ones joined in.

The group 2 transformed themselves into little robots, making some super cool masks and robotic jewellery out of nuts, bolts and washers. They also loved the artbot idea so much that they decided to make some scribbly art work too, it turned out robo-tastic!! And of course, they spent some time recovering their energies in their spaceship

The group 3 has been watching some short documentary videos about the greatest robots in the world and discovering new things in high tech robotics. They then had a big discussion about what they have learned and what kind of robots they would like to create themselves to save the world. They finished off making their robotic piñata and filled it with candy which they will share with the rest of the children on Friday. They also made some colourful bracelets of many shapes and forms.

All 3 groups have made chocolate brownies which were all finger-licking delicious! The little ones prepared their chocolate brownie pizza while making robotic noises. The group 2 baked theirs with extra peach jam which made it super chewy and yummy. Group 3 prepared theirs with special chocolate frosting and decorated each piece shaped like a robot...irresistible!!

What an amazing day!! We say good bye for now and look forward to tomorrows adventures!

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