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Spaceship robot

Having been introduced to our theme of the week 'robots', the little machines of class one continued learning and talking about what kinds of shapes that a robot can be made up from. They then ran around and played fun games to identify and articulate the names of the different shapes in the soft play area! Later in the day they got creative and made Art Bots which let them create the most wonderfully colourful and individual art piece. You'd think we had 10 little Jackson Pollocks in the classroom. Very talented! During their baking time they got into the mind set of a robot and sounded out unusual noises they thought a robot would make whilst making pizza, so there were lots of strange sounds coming from the kitchen today, and it wasn't the appliances! But most importantly today they celebrated the 4th birthday of the very sweet Arnau! The whole class sang happy birthday to him in English and his teachers kindly handmade him a birthday crown! Our mini bots in class two started the day with some robots spellings and assembled their own robot by sticking the right parts to each other successfully! Then they went on to talk about all the different robots in famous films such as Star Wars and completed a maze and some colouring worksheets on the subject. In the afternoon they did some robot role play in the spaceship robot they made the day before, where their teacher Jo was definitely not allowed inside! Mini bots only! The advanced robots of class three started with a robot themed words search to kick start their circuit boards. After that, they designed their own special robot and wrote a fictional story about it which they then presented and read aloud to the whole class. The highlight of their day was making a robot shaped piñata which they can't wait to fill up with lots of goodies tomorrow!

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