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Big finale olympic games

A smashing end to an Olympic week at Casa Nostra. Our school Olympians saved all their energy for the big finale before we wave goodbye for a weeks holiday. Our youngest class all crossed the Olympic finish line together, starting the morning by reading the fabulous "Wally Racoons Farmyard Olympics" and then spending the day competing for personal bests in tricky games like the water balloon toss and the highly anticipated egg and spoon race which drew roaring cheers from the crowd. Class 2 took on the Olympic sized challenge of making and decorating their own piñata. Trained well by their teacher Jo, they used their relay race style team work skills to paint and glitter their piñata before it was completely destroyed by the marvellous Biel who, even though blindfolded, smashed it faster than you can say Usain Bolt. Class 3 really stepped up to the podium, it was a gold rush as the "Super Olympics" team made of Judit, Gael and Irene took first place- winning the most prizes over the week. Super special mentions to Aleix who won the most gold medals over the week and to Bruna who is reigning champion of limbo. Not to be left out the teachers took on some Olympic challenges of their own, taking part in a limbo and push up competition- with Antonia narrowly taking first place and nearly breaking her back at the same time.

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