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Despite a wet start to the day, the children all arrived smiling and ready for another fun -filled day learning on the farm.

Our tiny athletes in class one began the day by colouring pictures of a gymnast. The children were introduced to the colours bronze, silver and gold and played a game to practice the colours. They read a story about the Frog Olympics and counted the frogs on every page. They then headed to our abundant fruit and vegetable garden and picked delicious peaches from our selection of peach trees. In the afternoon they learnt the game 'Duck, duck goose' and ran a few races, including a tricky one involving balancing rings on their heads. All the children showed good teamwork and listened well, so everyone is a winner in our book!

In class two the children got to work on some Olympic mazes and then followed up with some number games. Flag, torch and medal are some of the key vocabulary they learnt. The children used coloured handprints to create the interlocking Olympic rings. They went race crazy, doing an egg and spoon race and balancing rings on their heads (not at the same tie!)

Our busy beavers in class 3 began with an Olympic wordsearch, searching for some tricky vocabulary. They used their comprehension skills answering questions about the first ever Olympics, including what country is was held in and who was the winner. They made some fantastic 3D torches and finished off with some races, including the egg and spoon race. The competition of the day was the limbo and children all shimmied under the pole...

We finished off with our tastiest chocolate brownies ever....yum!

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