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Superheroes around the farm

Today we had a funny Friday in Casa Nostra and we could see lots of superheroes around the farm all day long.

Class 1 connected dots to make incredible superheroes, they played musical chairs, also played freeze dance game and at the end they colored paper sheets and made their own comic artworks. As usual they read stories and learnt songs.

Class 2 design their favorite capes in the morning, later they colored some superheroes and after that made their own special capes, some of them had got their bracelets and some others made masks, we had some also with very original tiaras!

Class 3 did something special, yesterday they said why heroes are special and what make them special and today they did it about themselves, so each person should say 5 things that make him or her special, for example being nice, funny, kind… .They made their own masks and caps and at the end of the day they had a photo shoot!

That’s why we had lots of superheroes around the farm today.

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