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Super Chick

Today was a very super day at farm school. Group 1 used their super powers to save a cat in a maze. They coloured in super man badges and made super hero arm bands. Our hero’s are ready for action! Group 2 started of their day with some superhero themed colouring, mazes and dot to dot activities before making some superhero masks. They also enjoyed reading some books including ‘Superwoman’ and ‘Superhero Friends’. Group 3 had a big day of super vocabulary today. they started the morning off by talking about what super hero's can, have and need followed by making a list of lots of possible super powers. They used these lists of vocabulary to then create their own superhero’s! All the children used their super hero powers to conjure up a roaming baby chick that was found in the garden in the afternoon right before enjoying their Thursday flapjacks.

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