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All types of heroes

In the morning our first class or farm helpers created their own super hero capes. They also learnt a new song today called,' Superhero superhero touch the ground.' The lyrics can be found in the children's class books. Later they learnt to play the game 'Duck, duck goose' superhero style! They finished the day by making their own masks which they took home.

Class two were busy bees as well, cutting out and labelling shapes. They also designed and made their own comic books, featuring super heroes.

In class three the children began the day by learning the lyrics to a song to remember the days of the week, set to the tune of the Adam's Family theme song. We began to investigate adjectives to describe superheroes and vilians and used these to create word searches. The children used their research skills to investigate the 'real life' heroes, Neil Armstrong and Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by the Taliban for going to school. The children impressed us with their interest in investigating these topics and showed determination when trying to understand the questions. We finished the day with group presentations on this topic and the children showed great teamwork and imagination , as well as willingness to speak in English in front of the class.

Everyone made and enjoyed delicious chocolate brownies!

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