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Roy Lichtenstein

Our little heroes zoomed straight back on to the farm school for yet another day of super powered learning. In the morning our miniature heroes from classes 1 and 2 designed their own colour theme for the notorious batman symbol. Pinks and purples were a popular choice, maybe batman should take note. The super charged heroes of class 3 were ready and raring as ever, jumping right in with an intricate comic book maze. In the afternoon they discovered a real life hero of the pop art world, Roy Lichtenstein and having discussed some of his life and work they then got to create their own artwork inspired by him, using the typical dots and bold colouring. Ariana and Antonia transformed their class into actual superheroes with a lick of face paint whereas class 2 were showing off there skills on the trampoline. Biel and Marius demonstrated their super powered jump kicks and somersaults. Very impressive! With their new found super strength, our visit to the chicken coop today meant some off the eggs didn't quite make it back to the kitchen, but the children made up for it with three delicious types of shortbread for everyone and just like The Flash, "Whoooooooosh!" They were gone...

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