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Shark Photo booth

The last day of week and the last day of July in “Casa Nostra” was a nice and calm day, we had so much fun, it was a great Friday.

Class 1 painted a big octopus and whales, they made their own goldfishes, and made mermaid and pirate puppets. They sang some songs and they read stories.

Class 2 made a funny shark photo booth. And they drew their favorite sea animals. They sang songs and read stories as well.

Class 3 had quiz as usual of Fridays and the group “Ocean stars” won the quiz. They played word scrambled with the sea animals. They had their own face painting at the end of the day which was painted by artistic Alex their talented teacher.

During the day all the groups went to the vegetable garden, visited the animals and swum in the swimming pool. They collected lots of eggs, rode the donkey or the pony and picked tomatoes and peppers in the vegetable garden. The children made to finish the day off with the best cupcakes ever that they backed!

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