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Word scramble

Another day deep in the ocean at farm school and our little fish have taken our theme this week to another level by exploring the depths of our big pool! No more can we call them the little fish.. We can now proudly present our school of dolphins! After their big swim, they very much enjoyed the story about the rainbow fish and got stuck in with colouring all sorts of different fishes. Then their budding young teaching assistant Hugo took the children out for some fresh air and played some fun ball games, teaching them how to throw and catch! The fidgety middle fish started with colouring pictures of different sea creatures and learning their names in English. They then worked on a numbers exercise, counting how many fish were in the sea! The children that sailed through all their work got to design and draw their own unique sea animal and then helped prepare our 'bottom of the sea' background mural, ready for the class to paint tomorrow by just using their hands and feet! While some of the children needed to let off steam in the pool later in the day, the restless ones sat down to a lovely story about 'The Whale And The Snail'. The menacing sharks in the older group are always hungry to learn. An ocean themed word search in the morning to get their brains ticking accompanied by a brain teasing word scramble. Later in the day they had oh such a good time playing charades and trying to mime anything and everything ocean and sea related! Miming 'beach' was definitely one to think about. They also began the customary 'theme of the week' banner, to brighten up their classroom. All the new starters got the chance to enjoy their first ride on our donkey Perla and shetland pony Violetta and their visit to the chickens ensured that the teachers would enjoy a hearty egg breakfast in the morning. As for the baking, we have definitely perfected our shortbread recipe as they again disappeared into the abyss... We are looking forward to some more splashing around tomorrow!

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