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Sea and Oceans

This week at Casa Nostra our theme is 'Sea and Oceans' and what a fabulous day we have had! Class 1 have begun to learn lots of interesting vocabulary like: octopus, shell, swimming costume and towel. We also enjoyed colouring pictures from the new film 'Finding Dory'. Class 2 began their day by matching the names of different sea creatures to pictures of them and were very excited to make moving fish. Both classes enjoyed exercising their vocal chords singing '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive', too - their voices sounded beautiful! Class 3 dove straight into learning some amazing facts, such as: the names of the different oceans of the world and about the fascinating different layers of the ocean (the sunlit zone, twilight zone, dark zone, abyss and trenches). I can't wait to find out more awesome facts from them as this progresses and wonder if the children will sea and ocean experts by Friday! The older children also watched a film clip about endangered sea and ocean animals. All of the children went down to the vegetable garden and with the weather having been so hot, made sure that all of the plants were generously watered. Those children who joined Casa Nostra today, loved looking at the different fruit and vegetables for their very first timeand picked a plentiful supply of peppers and tomatoes. In true Casa Nostra style, there was also lots of fun to be had splashing, swimming and cooling off in the pools. The chickens, donkeys, ponies, sheep and goats were visited and delicious sweet pizza dough was made and eaten by all. In addition to all of this, today was also Ivan's birthday; a fantastic birthday card and badge were made especially to help him celebrate his special day. Plus his class sang a heartfelt happy birthday to him - all of us here at Casa Nostra hope that Ivan has had a very happy birthday! Whilst some children had their faces painted to reflect our sea and oceans theme today, many still have this to look forward to later in the week. 'Sea and Oceans' week is definitely going to be one of our best!

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