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Zig Zag books

Another new day on the farm and our little ones creative juices were already flowing! They designed and made their own zig zag books inspired by the very lovely hungry caterpillar story and then decorated them in the most vibrant colours! They can now look back through their books and recall the names of food, fruit, numbers and the days of the week! But one creative project wasn't quite enough and so they continued this streak by making some fabulous, fruit head pieces and pranced around the farm like Carmen Miranda. We also had a very proud moment today as one of our littlest seeds in the camp, Luke, conquered his fear of the swimming pool today with the help of one of our teachers Jakub, who courageously fought off the frightful pool robot that was worrying him so much. Luke could finally enjoy his splash in peace. Class 2 always start the day by waking up the animals. Today we decided to give Perla and the ponies and nice brush, as we thought they deserved to be pampered after all the rides they take us on each day. They also learned the important components of growing a plant and created a colourful poster to stick in their note books! As a treat for working so hard on their posters they sang some songs including 'row row row your boat', some of them knew all the words! They also got to choose their favourite flower to have painted on their faces. There were some beautiful sunflowers, orchards, waterlilies and roses brightening up the farm at the end of the day. Class 3 warmed up in the morning with a plant orientated word search to kick start their sleepy heads. Their main project of the day was recycling old plastic bottles and transforming them into homemade plant pots. They have all planted some chickpeas in a mix of water and cotton wool, which is the perfect environment for them to start growing. By using the see through plastic bottle they can keep track of the peas progress and report back to Jakub and Alex. Later they covered the life cycle of a plant and discussed the structure of trees. Each group of our little chefs must have all been perfecting their baking skills as we all got to sample some delicious butter shortbread before home time. A happy end to such a productive day.

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