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Sailing around the world

We’ve learned to much this past week in our Countries week that the children would almost be ready to set sail and sail around the world!

As usually all the children enjoyed time in the swimming pool, the vegetable garden and on the trampoline. Every time I bounce I feel I could touch the sky!

The younger children made world cup themed football t-shirts today in their books and made football finger puppets.

They’ve been learning lots of songs today including London’s Burning and they’ve been reading lots of stories.

The middle group made beautiful paper dolls of the world and enjoyed some face painting today. Each child had a different flag painted on their face today.

Today the older children were learning about the capital cities of various European countries before taking a look a bit closer at their own country, Spain.

They made their own Spanish passports before doing a class project on Spain where they researched various interesting topics about their country and they worked together as a group very well.

And for the baking competition we made flapjacks today and the middle group won, but in our eyes every one is a winner!

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