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Countries week

Countries week at Casa Nostra started with a really international feel today. Class 1 used Google Earth to travel from Mataro to London and planned what they would pack in their suitcase. Everybody learnt the word ‘aeroplane’. Class 2 made a stunning array of world flags; whilst Class 3 learnt the names of the different Continents and where in the world Spanish and English are spoken.

It was a hot day so everybody enjoyed cooling off in the swimming pool. Mar, Jan and Pau from Class 1 went in the big pool and had a super time splashing around and bouncing.

In the afternoon, the little ones enjoyed playing the traditional English party game ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, read the story book ‘Peace at Last’, and all sung ‘London’s burning’. The older ones went to see the animals and rode Perla the donkey.

At the end of the day, we made delicious savoury pizzas and sweet pizza dough, in British Bake Off style, the teachers unanimously decided that Class 3 where the clear winners!

We are all looking forward to learning more about countries here at Casa Nostra tomorrow!

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